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The Devotee Desktop Theme

GIF-format icon samples shown below.

Devo mascot Booji boy icon. Taken from 12 inch EP Be Stiff released through Stiff Records.Chi Chi Rodriguez-like icon from first full length Devo LP.Lab monkey icon taken from Devo LP Duty Now For The Future.Mark Mothersbaugh icon from Devo LP Duty Now For The Future.Devo energy dome icon. Not a flower pot! Taken from Devo LP Freedom of Choice.Smooth Noodle Maps logo icon. Also used as animated cursors. From Devo LP Smooth Noodle Maps.Icon image taken from Devo LP Now It Can Be Told.

Colors are superior in actual icons.

To install the the theme, you must download
the FIRST THREE ZIP files!
The fourth ZIP file is not required for the theme.
It contains extra WAV files for optional use.
All sounds are from Smooth Noodle Maps.

Please note that as yet, corrections in this page
and corrections I have yet to make available
have NOT been integrated into the Devotee
desktop theme files. (258KB - Graphics) (803KB - WAV Files) (697KB - WAV Files) (567KB - WAV Files)

Total Size (All four) = 2325KB

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Corrections / Omissions

Sept. 17, 1999
800x600 Wallpaper in TRUE color.
Galaxy wallpaper from Devo album Smooth Noodle Maps
JPG format - 24KB.
Click here to view, then save it.

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Items marked with a red asterix indicate that
the item will be included in a theme update.
All items are listed in order of creation and
their being made available on these pages.

Sept 9,1999
*Mark Icon - Smooth Noodle Maps
Mark Mothersbaugh icon from Devo's album Smooth Noodle Maps
11 64x64 true color icons in 16.7KB ZIP file.
Various backgrounds, one transparent.
File Container: Icon Library File (ICL).

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Sept 17, 1999
Marble Vinyl Tiles/Wallpapers

Marble Vinyl wallpaper from the Canadian release of Devo's first LP

JPG format - 139K.
Click here to view the tile. Then, when
the image has been rendered completely,
right click, and choose SAVE IMAGE AS or
SAVE PICTURE (AS) to save the file.

JPG format - 27KB.
Click here to view, then save it.

Jan. 13, 2000
4 Gerry Casale wallpapers in TRUE color BMP format.
Gerry source image is my own and never been on the web!

I will likely create some desktop icons and a theme file to go with these wallpapers.

Please note the thumbnails are optimized for the web, and do not
contain all the variations in color within the actual images.

Each ZIP file below contains the images specified in brackets
in the screen size specified within the file name. - 607 KB (All images) - 935 KB (All images) - 682 KB (1st and 3rd image) - 789 KB (2nd and 4th image) - 634 KB (2nd image) - 546 KB (1st image) - 580 KB (3rd image) - 585 KB (4th image)

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