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Theme Links

A red asterix* indicates sites I add. Those with
two** are added at the request of people who like
the site, or by the webmaster of the site. Author
sites are indicated with a red plus sign+.

If you know a site that should be listed here, or
run a site, be you a theme collector or author of
themes, etc., please read my site information
and contact pages for pertinent details BEFORE
you write mail to me.

Theme Doctor*
ThemeDoctor is the place to go to find the best
on the net. His reviews are well regarded, and
integrated into Theme World below. Also good
advice and resources for your theme needs.

Theme World*
Well over 3000 themes, and growing every week,
you'll find it hard to keep up. Previews, reviews,
requests, and plenty to keep you busy. Don't try
and get them all at once.

Field Of Themes**
Field of themes contains a number of themes
collected in differing categories, and appears
to be a collection of the webmaster's faves.
A big, cute animated graphic on main page.

Ken Hind's Homepage+*
Don't let his plain-vanilla pages fool you.
Ken has some great themes here, and a few
of them are so simple. I should have started
my first theme using his small ones as an
example of how to do it small and sweet.

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