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A red asterix* indicates sites I add. Those with
two** are added at the request of people who like
the site, or by the webmaster of the site.

If you know a site that should be listed here, or
run a site, be you a theme collector or author of
themes, etc., please read my site information
and contact pages for pertinent details BEFORE
you write mail to me.

Mutato Musika*
Devo are no quitters! Mutato is proof, and so
are all the soundtracks, and other works the
spudboys get themselves involved in. Check
here for news, Devo gear, and other stuff!
I discovered Mark was an artist twice here!
Caution: For your own benefit, make sure
you have Shockwave plugins installed. You
will enjoy the site much more.

Lazlo Nibble's Devo Discography*
This guy puts the disc into discography!
The list is HUGE, covering Devo records you
thought were mirages! All I can say is - well
done spuds! You put my Beautiful World zine
discography (alias Squib) to shame!

The Devo Print Archive*
Reviews? Editorials? Clippings?!
Like kids trading for hockey cards, this
site says "Got 'em! Need 'em!"
Always room for more Devo documents.

The Devo Bootleg Archive*
A logical split from the above site,
the boot archive provides the audio
components Devo fans search for.
Non-profit, and a labour of love, these
four sites are just so totally Devo.

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